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by on Aug.18, 2016, under Snark, Society

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Because there is no shortage of stupidity in any field, today I present to you a fine example of idiocy in the “academe.” I actually hesitate to call it the “academe” by sheer virtue of how utterly moronic this is, but all right, let’s accept the technicality.

On one hand, I could almost respect a (private) school’s right to ban whatever they want to…

… for so long as the policy makes actual sense and has no lace of prejudice, bigotry, and sneering moral superiority.

That is not the case here, for their policy as stated on their signage is an indication that:

1. A male cannot have a relationship with “female students.” This implies a male can have a relationship as long as it’s with just one female. How about one female and multiple male students? Thumbs up? Sounds fun!

2. Male/male and female/female relationships are not expressly prohibited. Neither are teacher/student relationships. Yey?

3. They believe that only “a young lady student” is affected and/or possibly “destroyed” by love affairs, heavens we must protect these helpless females and their virtue, and that male students – oh you macho virile boys, you – are never impacted.

4. Sexism is still alive and well in the academe.

5. We should be very wary of the quality of schools and learning institutions that offer courses on Elementary and Secondary Education but spend money on signages and announcements that are grammatically problematic.

The irony is hot.

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