The Wheel and Axle

Go go go!

by on Aug.11, 2016, under Geeky, My Life

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Why hello there, BGC.

At the rate we’re going, I’ll probably lose a hundred pounds in a week.

In two weeks, I’ll be benchpressing a small building.

In a month, I’ll be juggling three SUVs, an angry lion, and a can of rootbeer with my bare hands.

By February, I’ll be able to take down Doomsday with but a single blow.

In a year, the world will genuflect before my all-consuming power.

Such is the power of walking.

Such is the power of exercise.

Such is the true unleashed power of wandering endlessly.

And I will have my little virtual zoo, too.

So what have you been wasting, I mean, spending your time on?

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