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Queen of the Night

by on Aug.09, 2016, under Music & Theater

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imageDespite the controversies that hounded her in her latter years, Whitney Houston will always be a true icon of music. Hers had been a golden voice that few could ever match. As with Madonna, Prince, and Michael Jackson, Whitney embodied the 80s so much that she was a legend by the time the 90s rolled around.

Her last few years were tumultuous, to say the least. Domestic violence, drug abuse, inability to perform properly during concerts: yes, these happened. Yes, these put her through some truly dark times. And with the circumstances surrounding her death, one cannot help but sometimes wonder if there was anything else that she, or the people around her, or even her fans, could have done to prevent her downward spiral into her untimely demise.

However, despite the tragedies that befell her, she would always stand firm as a strong black woman in an industry that was not always kind to her sex and her race. Whitney stood tall and proud to show people around the world that the establishment can be challenged – and that one can succeed along the way.

Happy birthday, Whitney, queen of the night!

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