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Sport A Cockade, Storm The Gates

by on Jul.14, 2016, under Society, Travel & Culture

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Storming of the Bastille, by Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Houel

Today, France celebrates Bastille Day.

Bastille Day (which they actually call La Fête Nationale or, less formally, Le Quatorze Juillet because we non-French are just not cultured enough) commemorates the Fall of the Bastille Saint-Antoine in 1789, which signalled the start of the French Revolution, as well as Fête de la Fédération, which celebrates the unity of the French in 1790 exactly one year after the famous fortress was stormed.

And as we all know, this whole debacle eventually led, in 1793, to some very famous monarchs losing their crowned heads. Literally.

It’s a great reminder to anyone – even today, here in our own country – that any abusive regime can and will be brought down by the people…

… and they can do it in style.

Oh, the French.

Bonne Fête Nationale, à nos fréres Français!

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