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Voy a cantar por siempre!

by on Jul.08, 2016, under Music & Theater, My Life, Travel & Culture

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My years serving in Days with the Lord in Ateneo High School were some of the best of my life. Some people found it strange, considering it was a Catholic retreat and I’m a Methodist Protestant, but DWTL was a different experience. It was an inclusive experience, run by one of the most popular Jesuits of the school and supported by a diverse set of students that ranged from the jocks to the nerds to the gays. It had such an impact on me that in my senior year I even became rector for AHS DWTL Batch 107. My memories of this era are largely happy and quite uplifting.

So I could not help but smile (there may have also been some slight tears) when I recently came across this video:

A flash mob in a mall in Chile is singing a Spanish version of I Will Sing Forever.

Composed by iconic Filipino Jesuit Fr. Manoling Francisco and in my personal opinion one of the best of Bukas Palad, I Will Sing Forever was a staple of our retreat during my time in DWTL. It was always the final song of the mass that closed the retreat. It was made even better since it would always start out splendidly with an a capella first-line solo by my good friend Ricci, followed by the rest of the choir (including myself) slowly joining in as another good friend – Paulo – started playing the piano wonderfully.

This song will always trigger those happy DWTL memories when I hear it.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see that the song has made its way around the globe and translated to Spanish. The universal message has reached and touched the lives of others, and it is just amazing to know that whatever beautiful things I associate with it are also being experienced by people across the oceans.

Song, indeed, can bring people together.

Now excuse me while I check to see where else this glorious song has made its way to.

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