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by on Jun.30, 2016, under Society

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Image: The Philippine Star

Image: The Philippine Star

Today, a new page in Philippine History turns. Perhaps, a new book may even be opening.

Whatever you think of either Rody Duterte or Leni Robredo – whether you favor them both, or voted just one, or despise the lot – they are our duly-elected leadership starting today.

As good citizens, we should accept the mandate given to them – a mandate which, despite the whining of some, they won fair and square.

Acceptance, of course, does not mean being blind followers. Being good citizens also means being thinking citizens.

Both are rookies to national governance, but neither are new to politics, and they have proven track records in their respective areas. Thus, we need to observe what they bring to the table.

We must support and praise them when they do good. Encourage their positive efforts. Praise their achievements. Back them when they have our backs.

However, we should also be critical of the things they do not do right. Call out the bad. Hold them accountable. Do not let either of them stifle our freedom to question their governance when needed.

They have the duty to prove to the 40M+ voters who did not choose them that the 14M+ people who did were making the right decision when they cast their ballots.

They have the duty to serve the 100M+ Filipinos and not just a few in their inner circles.

Just remember: we the citizens are the true boss, and we will be watching them both carefully as they lead our nation towards the next phase of our lives.

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