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War, Luck, and Some Curry

by on Jun.21, 2016, under Film & TV, Music & Theater

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Just because it’s been a busy week for me (and damn, it’s not even halfway through), I’m just going to leave a couple of music videos for your pleasure.

First up is one from Culture Club’s concert in Manila last Saturday night. I’ll review the event soon (spoiler alert: it was awesome!), but for now, enjoy this great song which they themselves aren’t fond of but which I love. Also, it’s still pretty relevant for the times.

Then of course, here’s the always fabulous Kylie Minogue in concert. Seriously, the woman isn’t aging. Someone clone her.

And here’s a bonus. Yeah, really not music-related, but any excuse to show Stephen Curry. Besides, he and I could create some beautiful harmony together.

There, there, Stephen. I'm here to comfort you.

There, there, Stephen. I’m here to comfort you.

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