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Let That Sink In.

by on Jun.16, 2016, under Queer, Society

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Just as I wrote recently, certain sectors have begun (and continue) to ignore the inherent hate crime slash homophobic nature of last weekend’s horrific Orland massacre. These people have chosen instead to insist that this attack was purely terroristic, motivated by religious extremism, and that choosing to target an entire club full of queers was completely and totally random and not at all deliberate.

Hey, keep that homophobia checked in, why don’t you? And instead, let’s intensify your chosen hate du jour, which in this case would be Islamophobia and xenophobia.

Never mind that fatal hatred of others is not the exclusive jurisdiction of radical Muslims.

Shall we bring out the pitchforks and lynch the sensible Christians when Pat Robertson opens his old and withering mouth?

Some make it even worse with conspiracy theories about an LGBT-Islam alliance gone wrong.

Quite plainly absurd.

These moronic people actually waste oxygen by their mere existence.

The predilection for selfies should have been a dead give-away, really.

The predilection for selfies should have been a dead give-away, really.

This entire attempt to shift the focus away from the homophobic nature of the attack crumbles apart when, based on more recent evidence, Omar Mateen was most likely a self-loathing closet case who frequented Pulse and Grindr.

What’s more telling is that it’s been uncovered that his declared ISIS allegiance may have been exaggerated, if not entirely false. He has claimed to be part of both the Sunni ISIS and the Shiite Hezbollah, which to be clear are rivals that don’t exactly enjoy having afternoon tea with each other.

If this is the case, then it’s highly possible that Omar Mateen was primarily a homophobe whose motivation was not religion but a culturally-inculcated hatred of the queer. However, he projected this hatred onto his religion to mask his true nature and intent.

This was a hate crime disguised as an Islamic terrorist attack.

Quite simply put, Omar Mateen pretended to be a terrorist so that he would not be accused of a hate crime.

Because he knows that, to be accused of a hate crime against gay people, his own sexuality would be questioned somewhere along the way.

stock-vector-stop-homophobia-gouache-poster-vector-281262677Imagine that.

Omar Mateen was so afraid of his own repressed sexuality and was so disgusted by other gays that he would rather have been branded as a Muslim terrorist than be called a “faggot.”

Let that tell you something about the kind of homophobic culture that has permeated the world regardless of race or religion.

Let that tell you about a society that makes someone think it’s more acceptable to be called a mass murderer than to be called a homo.

Let that sink in.


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