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Because Anderson Cooper always deserves space.

by on Jun.08, 2016, under Film & TV, Queer

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I never get tired of watching Anderson Cooper, who recently celebrated his 49th birthday but doesn’t look a day over thirty. Those are some mighty good genes.

Not only is he Ivy League smart, not only is he unafraid to call out the bullshit of armchair journalists or politicians, not only is he a Vanderbilt who relies on his own merits and not the family legacy (which, by the way, his mother – the Gloria Vanderbilt? just awesome!), not only is he an inspiration for the gay community

… he’s also just plain adorable.

(Yes, I’ve watched this video a gazillion times, but it never gets old, and Anderson deserves space in my blog. He will always deserve space in anything.)

Belated happy birthday, Anderson!

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Filed under “Adorbs”

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