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Yes, I admit it. I am occasionally shallow, and I give in to bouts of teenybopperdom.

I actually watched Enrique Gil’s concert. He dances like the bastard son of Ricky Martin and Magic Mike; his singing is passable, if auto-tuned. I’ve seen his movies; he has acting potential.

Despite my aversion for local soaps, I began watching watching Moon of Desire, all its silliness notwithstanding, because of Dominic Roque. He was not enough to sustain my interest when the primary characters of JC De Vera and Meg Imperial were exasperating and the main plot was excruciating. Only Dominic and the hilarious chemistry between Beauty Gonzalez and Franco Daza made it bearable. And yes, I tweeted the three of them about it.

I also religiously follow Martin Del Rosario. His work in the barely-known Dagim and in mainstream fare are remarkable. A supremely-underrated talent and a big loss for ABS-CBN, he got a turn in Cinemalaya X’s Dagitab, and I regret having missed that one.

Now don’t even get me started on international heartthrobs like the three Chrises (Pine, Hemsworth, Evans) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Image and abs courtesy of ABS-CBN.

Image and abs courtesy of ABS-CBN.

It is because of this shameful teenybopper disease that I forced myself – nay, I excitedly brought myself – to watch Pinoy teen romcom Talk Back and You’re Dead, all because of this young man named James Reid. He’s so pretty, and I’ve heard him sing well, but I’ve never seen him act. I missed Diary ng Panget, and I don’t think he’s been in anything else. Or in anything of note, anyway.

After having watched Talk Back and You’re Dead, I can quite lovingly say: James, you’re so pretty. Continue your singing career! And don’t get tired of taking off your shirts.

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