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What’s Funny About Rape?

by on Dec.03, 2013, under Film & TV, Queer

I recently watched Slumber Party, the Cinema One Originals / Origin8media / One Night Entertainment / Outpost film. Despite very minimal publicity, I was eagerly anticipating this comedy based on a viral trailer I saw on the internet. I also had high expectations because two of the studios have produced a lot of quality films in the past, including one of my favorite aswang movies (Yanggaw, Cinema One Originals) and one of the most hilarious movies in the history of ever (Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington, Origin8media).

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The War on Education

by on Oct.02, 2013, under Society

I cannot help but sometimes think there is a conspiracy against education. Whether here or in the USA, education is one of the first institutions that tend to take a hit when budget and planning come into play.

In the USA, it seems the budget for the war chest takes precedence over education (which is not surprising, I guess, considering how many enemies the USA has and how many war profiteers there are in that nation). In the Philippines, education keeps on getting budget cuts, straining state universities and causing a deterioration in quality schooling, while the pork barrel of unscrupulous politicians just keeps on growing.

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The New Overseas Filipino Worker

by on Sep.11, 2013, under Snark, Society

I have been in the industry I work in for over a decade. Through various companies including the present, I have experienced its various iterations: call center, back office, insourcing, offshoring, global service center, global solutions. In all cases, it has shown me how world-class Filipino talent is.

Thus, it irks me no end when I hear an arrogant moron telling an agent, “Operator ka lang?” or when I hear a sneering ignoramus say, “Fad lang ‘yang offshore-offshore na ‘yan!

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Sham Versus Infidelity

by on Jul.05, 2013, under Film & TV, Queer

The FB page of “My Husband’s Lover” recently asked a simple yet ultimately (as the comments section showed) divisive question: Kanino kayo pumapanig: sa babaeng pinakasalan, o sa lalaking unang inibig?

My initial reaction, swooning over #tomden and typical of the “follow your heart trope,” was to say, “Eric!”

Then I realized: If we want to look at this in a healthy manner, then the answer is, “Neither.”

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The Husband, The Wife, and The Lover

by on Jun.30, 2013, under Film & TV, Queer

Is that my husband?
(Image courtesy of MHL’s Facebook Page)

Today, on the Philippine Online Chronicles (, I talk about the unexpected phenomenon that is GMA 7’s “My Husband’s Lover” and why it is a phenomenon.

No, in my article, I don’t extol the virtues of the beautiful creature that is known as Tom Rodriguez.

However, I will extol his virtues here and say that he is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, isn’t he? I mean, just look at him. Ever since I first saw him on “Here Comes The Bride” emerging from the sea and into that beach, I knew he was something special.

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Question and Answer Portion

by on Jun.30, 2013, under Literature, Queer

In 2012, UP Babaylan celebrated its 20th anniversary. Two decades are quite the milestone for the first and most influential student LGBT organization in the country, and to further celebrate the successes of the organization through the decades,UP Babaylan worked hand in hand with the UP Center for Women’s Studies to publish and release a beautiful coffee table book entitled, “Anong Pangalan Mo Sa Gabi? at iba pang tanong sa mga LGBT.”

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