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Twenty Years: A Rainbow Beacon

by on Aug.28, 2012, under Queer

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Twenty years ago, a group of U.P. Diliman students had a dream: a dream of equality in a school that was otherwise trapped by the “accepted” social norms of gender, sex, and sexuality… a microcosmic reflection of a misguided world outside the academe.

Twenty years ago, a group of U.P. Diliman students banded together and formed a trailblazing pioneer LGBT student organization that has withstood the test of time.

It has challenged the status quo. It has broken stereotypes. It has inspired countless others across the nation to dream and to build. It has stayed strong where others have faltered.

It has educated the less informed. It has created leaders within the university and across the nation. It has made landmark breakthroughs in its advocacy.

It has made people listen. It has made people see. It has made people know.

(All while remaining utterly… fabulous!)

Today, twenty years since its founders first rallied its kaleidoscope cry for equality, it still stands tall. It still stands proud. It still stands for what is just and for what is right.

It still stands as a rainbow beacon for the LGBT community.


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